Phoenix Rising services are based on utilizing the speed, efficiency and flexibility of a number of differing design and fabrication methods combined with the various talents of our exceptional in-house team.

With our full turn-key ability, Phoenix Rising always works closely with you, our client and partner to design to your expectations and requirements, and we can often make time and budget-saving recommendations based on our experience. This helps to ensure the ability to maintain a consistently high standard, leading to a quality finished product that provides both security and safety for your guests and personnel.

From initial concept drawings we work through to approved design. From there we fabricate the components for your project in our 15,000 square foot facility, which is fully equipped with all the tools and equipment needed by our craftsmen. The Phoenix Rising Service includes (but is never restricted to!)

  • Conceptual Art using both traditional artists and modern computer art software.
  • 3-D and 2-D Digital Design utilizing several software packages including from Autodesk.
  • 3-D and 2-D CNC Routing with either of our 2 cnc tables.
  • CNC Plasma Cutting with our custom plasma cutting table.
  • 3-D Printing & Laser cutting with the use of 2 different 3D printers and 2 laser cutting machines.
  • Certified Welding with Steel and Aluminum, Brazing with Copper and Bronze.
  • Metal Fabrication using cutting forming and machining with many different types of metal
  • Advance Woodworking with a fully equipped millworking facility.
  • Automotive Finishing utilizing high quality paint systems and a superior finish.
  • Scenic & Themed Finishing using a number of tried and proven techniques to produce a high quality and durable finish.
  • Sculpting, Mold Making, Casting These use numerous industry methods each selected method is based on the specific requirements for the unique requirements of each project.

When it's time to unveil the work, Phoenix Rising can also provide installation, coordination of sub-contractors, maintenance training, procedures and documentation for your staff.